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채용제목 Online & e-Retailing Executive
회사소개 외국계 유명 명품회사
A. Primary Purpose of the Job
? Execute Chanel website refresh( Monthly refresh, Translation, EDM/MMS/eNewsletter, QA)
? Execute e-retail activities (Monthly refresh, Banner ads, EDM, inventory management)
? Create and execute Digital Initiatives (Digital Sampling, Digital engagement)
? Analyze Sales Result and report to CRM manager
B. Main Duties and Responsibilities Create and execute Digital Initiatives
? Create and execute digital activities for the key project and marketing campaign
? Create and plan about digital assets and animations aligned to Global
? Plan and execute digital sampling and digital promotion
? Study and report digital trend and market activities
Create and execute E-CRM Initiatives
? Make decisions on E-CRM communication plan by marketing calendar.
? Create and plan about the E-CRM assets and animations aligned to Global
? Plan and execute the EDM/MMS blast to new and existing customers with PM teams
? Plan and execute Web DM and Mobile DM to new and existing customers with PM teams
Manage Chanel website refresh and maintenance
? Plan and coordinate Chanel website animation according to marketing campaign plan
? Request the push kit to Paris team for the monthly refresh and update via PIM/CMS/Mantis system
? Develop and propose the online animation idea to increase the level of brand and product awareness on online channel
? Execute all translations related to online animation for new campaign and review with PM team
? Execute QA testing with Paris/CAP for all of digital projects
Execute e-retail activities
? Plan and coordinate e-retailing animation according to marketing campaign plan
? Request all materials for new campaigns to Paris team (Product information, Packshot, Campaign visual, Banner ads)
? Provide refresh kit/ banner ads/EDM to e-retailer sites for new campaign launch
? Build network with key persons at e-retailer sites and each counter managers
Job Description Template
? Manage the inventory allocation with operating counters
? Distribute the products and samples to counters when necessary
? Manage the online subsidiary materials for packaging
Analyze Sales Result and report
? Analyze and report the sales results of all e-retailer sites to CRM manager (weekly and monthly)
? Analyze and report the e-CRM activities (EDM/MMS) to CRM / Product teams
? Report Chanel website performance and manage the historical data
? Monitor competitor’s online and e-CRM activities and report to relevant team when necessary
? Support PM team or GM when necessary
Counter follow-up.
? Communication with counter via email, call about e-CRM, e-retail and sampling
? Weekly : CRM meeting
? Monthly : CRM+PM meeting / Sales & MKT meeting / Comm & MKT meeting
? Quarterly : CRM agency meeting / MKT workshop / CS & CRM meeting / IT&CRM meeting
Academic / Professional Qualifications
? 4 years university degree
Work Experience
? Minimum of +5 years experience in e-retailing / e-commerce area
? Hands-on experience and familiar with online and mobile marketing
? Hands-on experience in Digital project
Required Competencies
? Good interpersonal communication skills both in English & Korean
? Strong with details and having a good sense of digital trend
? Innovation and creative mind
? Solution driven mindset
기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:무관, 성별:무관, 외국어:무관
직급/직책:대리, 과장급
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 임영신 대표이사
연락처: 02-723-5600 /
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채용정보안내 Online & e-Retailing Executive
담당컨설턴트 임영신 대표이사
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