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Career & Human Capital에 찾아 오시는 길안내 입니다.

채용제목 People Development Manager채용
회사소개 외국계 유명 명품회사
? Support the culture evolution process through the design and deployment of appropriate people development solutions.
? Work with both country and regional teams to identify and prioritize people development needs on a regular basis for each employee segment.
? Work with HR and business leaders on translating HR and business strategies to people development solutions, and deploy in Korea.
? Participate in the design of people development solutions with appropriate learning methodologies according to the needs of the business and profile of target audience.
? Identify and qualify outsources partners with a strong external network of external associates and appropriate credentials and experience together with internal key stakeholders.
? Co-lead the deployment/delivery of effective people development solutions with Regional People Development leaders.
? Ensures cohesion between people development & other HR processes & strategies, e.g. Reward, Performance Management, Recruitment, and Employer Branding.
? Work with HR stakeholders and country leadership on individual development plans and the best ways to accelerate/follow up with individual learning on personal effectiveness development.
? Develop measurements/KPIs for people development solutions.
? Involve in people development projects at the regional and/or global level.
? Lead the Employee Engagement function, including Employee Communications.

? A minimum of 10 years in a senior HR/OD role, ideally within “best in class” organisation with a strong record of producing great leaders.

? Possess in-depth knowledge and experience of designing and implementing people development processes with an appreciation and/or experience in talent acquisition, talent management, performance management, learning and development, and employee engagement/communication.

? Proven track record in leading and implementing successful initiatives in Korea. Astute multiple project management skills.

? Strong functional skills possibly combined with broader HR and /or Line Management experience.

? He/she will have led large multifunctional teams and will understand the complexities of managing effectively within a matrix environment of an organisation undergoing rapid change and growth.

? Previous experience with successfully facilitating group interactions and activities up to the senior management level. Obtain optimal level of engagement from all participants.

? A proven track record of engaging with senior line management within leading edge organisations operating in a fast moving and competitive marketplace, demonstrating a courage and ability to challenge conventional thinking and bring new ideas and creativity to traditional business models.

? Sensitivity to the diverse cultures in APAC and the ability to implement a global/regional initiative in Korea for the greater good of the House.

기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:무관, 성별:무관, 외국어:영어
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 임영신 대표이사
연락처: 02-723-5600 /
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