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채용제목 Finance Manager
회사소개 미국계 유명의료기회사
- The Finance Manager establishes and maintains sound financial accounting systems, procedures, controls and reporting for the Korea/Asean business.
? Manage day-to-day financial control of the service within budget and ensure that all finances are properly administered and monitored with a high level of accuracy and in compliance.
? Applies accounting techniques and standard practices to the classification and recording of financial statement.
? Review & complete financial statement including journal entries, checking supporting entries, to carry out well-defined steps in cost accounting analysis accurately.
? Set up and be responsible to complete standard reporting of periodic service such as cost reports, trial balances, balance sheets, profit-and loss statements or statements of sourcing and application of funds.
? Produce regular reports to the governing body on income, expenditure and any required regulatory report.
? Review SOX and walkthrough testing documentation and internal/external book reviews audit.
? Co-ordinate all financial matters including statutory audit, tax computation and regular filings to Company Registry
? Maintain a close relationship with other functions for the purpose of supplying or explaining data/information.
? Build an engaged team by providing strong leadership and implementing appropriate R.E.D. initiatives in partnership with HR.

? * Degree holder in Business Administration, Accounting or Finance
? Qualified CPA or equivalent preferred
? At least 6 years of F&A experience
? Good understanding of local accounting practices and tax requirements
? Knowledgeable in Windows applications such as Word, Excel, etc .
? Excellent communication skills with proficiency in spoken and written English
? High ethical standards and integrity
? Resourceful self-starter requiring minimal supervision to meet tight deadlines
? High sensitivity to numbers

서류전형 - 1차 전화면접(인적성)- 2차면접- 채용
기타사항 학력:대졸이상, 나이:무관, 성별:무관, 외국어:영어
담당자 담당컨설턴트: 김진 상무
연락처: 02-723-5600 /
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채용정보안내 Finance Manager
담당컨설턴트 김진 상무
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