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As modern society continuously advances at a rapid speed, a large number of quality human resources with higher academic ability come to job market. However, the current standardized education and entrance examination systems result in almost identical resources equipped with basic capabilities rather than developing differentiated competencies required by job. Moreover unemployment crisis of merely aiming to get a position leads most job seekers to focus more on stability and compensation rather than aptitude in decision-making.

We all know that this aspect will result in mediocre performance and high turnover due to job dissatisfaction and low pride in job itself and the company during employment.

We, Career & Human Capital Co., Ltd. as a HR consulting firm :

have been providing mentoring and coaching services on career to university students for years as one of solutions to foster young talent successfully

contribute to upholding positive image of clients by complete understanding of culture and the right people of clients, digesting of roles & responsibilities and specifications of mandated positions and providing accurate information to candidates

aim to provide optimal HR solutions to both clients and candidates by recommending suitable job to right candidate corresponding to individual career pursuit and aptitude through one on one interview

Career & Human Capital will endeavor its effort to be the best HR Partner linking up our client companies with talents who are willing to develop and advance along company's accelerated growth.

Thank youl.

    • MBA Sogang University
    • BA Sookmyung Women's University
    • Director, Career Consultant Forum
    • Managing an Executive Search Firm for 7 years
    • UBS Hana Asset Management
    • HSBC Korea
    • Standard Chartered Bank, Korea
  • JIN KIM / Managing director
    • BA Seoul National University
    • 5 years in Executive Search Firm
    • Ceragem LBTech
    • Sanofi-Aventis Korea
    • Johnson & Johnson Medical
    • AstraZeneca Korea
    • MSD Korea
    • Novartis Korea

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